Sport Aircraft Association of Australia


This is a momentous day!

Civil Aviation Safety Authority has today announced details of it’s technical working group and public consultation for the long-overdue ‘Self-declared Medical Certificate for Pilots’.

“The SAAA Board in conjunction with AOPA and AGAA members have worked tirelessly in the background for over five years for this announcement from CASA today. CASA’s announcement is a step forward towards a future where all pilots in Australia can be afforded equal rights” Tony White, President.

A self-declared medical certification for all RPC/RPL and PPL holders, as evidenced by the experiences of other leading aviation nations, is a safe reform that will encourage greater participation across the entire industry, “There is still a great deal of work to do, to ensure the delivery of a workable Self-Declared Medical Certification system, and we see CASA’s announcement as a positive sign.” he said.


Work is underway on the development of a new self-declared medical certificate for pilots.

Details on how the new medical certificate would operate are being examined by a joint CASA and aviation community technical working group.

Once the technical working group has completed its review CASA will put out a detailed proposal for broad consultation. This is likely to occur in the first part of 2022.

The new medical certificate is likely to reflect the self-declaration system used by Recreational Aviation Australia for its members. The technical working group is also broadly reviewing the current medical regulations and changes made to the requirements in 2018.

It is looking at a simplification of the overall approach to medical certification, with the intention of provided greater flexibility and less onerous processes.