Embraer has introduced the all-new Phenom 100EX, the latest offering from the Phenom 100 series of business jets that the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer introduced in 2008. The 7-passenger light jet debuts at the National Business Aviation Association-Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) 2023 show running from 17 to 19 October in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the U.S. Highlights of the single-pilot-capable plane include the first implementation of a Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System (ROASS) in the segment.

"We are proud to announce the Phenom 100EX—an aircraft designed to experience excellence with superior comfort and disruptive technology that enhances safety,” says Michael Amalfitano, Embraer Executive Jets president and CEO. "This product reimagines the entry-level flight experience, offering enhanced comfort, empowering pilots, and enriching journeys to deliver more value to our customers.”

Broad Approval & Quick Sales

Embraer has received type certifications for the Phenom 100EX from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, Federal Aviation Administration, and ANAC National Civil Aviation Agency in Brazil. The company has sold out all production units through 2024 and says the next available delivery dates are in 2025.

The plane has twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617F1-E engines that each produce 1,730 pounds of thrust. The aircraft has a maximum flying altitude of 41,000 feet (12,497 metres), a high-speed cruise of 406 knots, and a maximum Mach operation (MMO) of Mach 0.70. The jet has a 4-passenger range of 1,178 nautical miles (2,182 kilometres) with NBAA IFR (instrument flight rules) reserves.

A Comfortable Flight Experience

The Phenom 100EX’s cabin sprawls 3.4 m (11 ft) long and has 2 cubic metres (70 cubic feet) of total baggage capacity. Embraer says the OvalLite cross section is the segment’s tallest and widest, with the most head and legroom, the most complete airstair, and one of the most spacious baggage compartments in the segment.

A belted lavatory seat and a baseline side-facing fifth seat are available, and passengers can expect extra-large windows, cabin controls integrated into upper tech panels, and maximised workspace thanks to tables built flush against the walls.

Pilot-Friendly Cockpit

Pilots will find more legroom in the cockpit, which has an open concept that makes communicating with those in the cabin area easier. The Garmin 3000-based Prodigy Touch flight deck provides three 14.1-inch interchangeable colour displays. Avionics features include smart automation for reduced pilot checklists and safety-enhancing components like FlightStream 510, automatic 3D volumetric scanning with lightning and hail prediction, stabilised approach, and predictive wind shear.

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Source: Embraer