Boeing Business Jets Introduces Premium Pre-Designed Cabin Interior Options For BBJ 737 Max 737-7 Executive Jet

If you’ve been putting off purchasing a Boeing Business Jets 737-7 executive jet because configuring the cabin interior seemed too daunting, read on. BBJ announced its new BBJ Select offering at the National Business Aviation Association-Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in Las Vegas. The new offerings provide customers with dozens of premium pre-designed cabin layouts and configurations for installation. Doing so results in a lower overall purchase price and speeds up installation, BBJ says.

“Boeing Business Jets is offering customers a new, streamlined approach to designing a unique, comfortable, and functional interior for our BBJ 737-7 jet," says Joe Benson, BBJ president. "For customers who may not have the time or desire to create a fully bespoke interior, BBJ Select offers pre-designed options to outfit their cabin, which allows us to offer the jet at a very attractive, fixed price."

Options For Every Zone

BBJ Select offers 144 possible interior layouts in three colour palettes. The colour combinations cover the spectrum of personal, business, and head-of-state airplane requirements. BBJ Select offers guest rooms, private offices, family rooms, and VIP passenger seating configurations exclusively for its BBJ 737 Max 737-7. BBJ designed the layouts with award-winning jet completion centres Aloft AeroArchitects and Greenpoint Technologies. Customers can select modules for each section of the airplane’s 6-zone cabin. They’ll sign one contract with BBJ, which will oversee the design, build-out, and delivery.

The BBJ 737-7

The 737-7 is the newest member in the BBJ 737 Max lineup, which includes the 737-8 and 737-9. The 737 Max planes can fly over 15 hours nonstop while reducing fuel use and emissions. The 727 model provides higher reliability and retains more residual value compared to competitors, BBJ says.

The 737-7 has a 6,600-nautical mile (12,200-kilometer) flight range with eight passengers. The maximum cabin altitude reaches 6,500 ft. (1,981 meters).

Compared to a typical private jet, BBJ 737 Max models, with 884 square ft (82.1 sq m) of area, provide three times the cabin space, BBJ says. The planes feature airstairs deployable inside and outside the jet. The stairs stow in the belly of the aircraft, helping save cabin space.

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